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A user-friendly water treatment system that, like NitraDem Direct Connect, provides demineralized water. NitraDem
E/A is designed for manual re-filling of DAC UNIVERSAL and other autoclaves in your clinic.

Water Capacity

The NitraDem E/A uses the NitraDem Filter for producing demineralized water from standard tap water. The capacity of the NitraDem Filter varies according to the hardness/softness of the feed water in the clinic. The softer the feed water, the larger capacity of the NitraDem Filter.   The ion change system of this highly efficient water filter ensures a constant flow of high-quality demineralized water. The constant low microsiemens level allows the full use of the filter before a critical microsiemens level is reached and the filter must be changed.

Water Capacity per NitraDem Filter  
Input Water:  Soft (50 microsiemens) Hard (500 microsiemens)
Output Water:  3 microsiemens 3 microsiemens
Output Capacity:  >400 Liters 200 Liters

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