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The unique cleaning program of the DAC UNIVERSAL ensures the highest level of instrument hygiene. The cleaning process is performed according to the international standard for washer-disinfectors ISO 15883, and its efficacy is tested by an accredited lab and several leading dental institutions and universities. 




Proper maintenance helps extend the lifetime of rotating instruments. DAC UNIVERSAL’s lubrication system is tested and approved by leading international manufacturers of handpieces and turbines. 


The sterilization process of the DAC UNIVERSAL conforms to the European standard for small steam sterilizers EN 13060.


A Reliable Hygiene Solution 


More Hands, Less


A Well-Run Business Axel Posorski
Hamburg, Germany

"I can highly recommend the DAC UNIVERSAL if you want a reliable hygiene solution that doesn’t take up too much space in your clinic."
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Dental Assistant Radmila Sandu
Malmö, Sweden

"With the DAC UNIVERSAL, I have extra time to assist the dentist and help the patients, so they feel they get the best possible service."
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Dentist Jesper Hatt 
Skagen, Denmark 

“The DAC UNIVERSAL conveniently cleans, lubricates and sterilizes the instruments between patients. The entire process is done quickly, so we need fewer handpieces and turbines."
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Cleans, lubricates and sterilizes six handpieces and turbines in one fully automated process. 
Ensures the highest level of hygiene in your clinic    
Eliminates the risk of incorrect handling during preparation and maintenance of instruments    
Ensures optimum maintenance of handpieces and turbines    
Helps transfer resources from manual routine work to patient service    
Continuously ensures correctly dosed lubrication    



Unwrapped Instruments   Programs    
Using the standard lid of the DAC UNIVERSAL, you will have up to six thoroughly cleaned, lubricated and sterilized handpieces ready for use. The three standard cycles secure full hygiene while the wide range of adaptors ensures genuine universal capability for different handpieces and turbines.   Standard Program:
Standard Prion Program:
Standard Care Program:
16 min.
32 min.
28 min
Wrapped Instruments   Programs    
For instrument storage or invasive treatments, a special lid and program for wrapped instruments is available. This program must be performed in addition to a standard cycle and provides up to three sterilized wrapped instruments.   Standard Program:
Standard Prion Program:
Standard Care Program:
16 min.
32 min.
28 min
Solid Instruments   Program    
An additional basket provides the possibility of cleaning and sterilizing solid instruments in one fast and fully automatic procedure. This eliminates the risk of incorrect handling as well as protecting the clinical staff from possible sharps injuries.   Wrapped Program: 134°C 22 min.

Technical Data

Specifications Required for installation
Water quality: Demineralized or distilled water below 3 μS Pressurized air
Power consumption: 1,100W (at 230V AC) Drain
Water tank capacity: 2.0L Electricity
Oil bottle capacity: 0.2L    
Width of machine: 38 cm    
Depth of machine: 37 cm    
Total height of machine (open, standard lid): 53 cm    
Total height of machine (closed, standard lid): 35 cm    
Mains supply: 90-120V AC / 190-240V AC, 50/60 Hz    
> Download EC Declaration of Conformity (PDF)    
Download full pre-purchase information here (PDF)    

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